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  • qronoCase 01:HR – the Be All and End All of All iPhone Cases│Jan 10

    In Novermber of 2013 qrono Inc. is launching its flagship iPhone case, qronoCase 01:HR. Only 2,000 units of the 01:HR Classic Collection cases will be built and sold. It's design is consistently focused on optimizing user experience, by using the best-quality materials, and high-precision manufacturing process, giving qronoCase the emotional surface treatment common in high-end automobiles. With qrono's design philosophy “form follows function”, an approach design visionaries have been using for decades, combined with styling inspired by the calligraphic styles of East Asia which we call “calligraphy sculpting”, the qronoCase 01:HR is not simply another designer case. With a retail price of $199 plus tax, the flagship model qronoCase 01:HR is available for reservations now.   The qronoCase 01:HR features a clever elastic strap system allows you to multitask without the fear of dropping your phone. Sliders are designed to precisely adjust to comfortably fit your hand in many positions. Storage space is for quickly access to your name cards, credit cards, headphones, and many more. And Gamepad inspired side grips offer you a more comfortable gaming and landscape viewing experience. Above all the qronoCase 01:HR benefits from the very expertise that qronoDesign possesses in obtaining premium materials and high-precision manufacturing. The case exterior is fully constructed using aluminum, manufactured using high-precision CNC for a full day to achieve curvatures as used in the luxury automotive industry. The inside, too, features protective silicone lined within to provide an all-around protection from shocks and abrasions.   Fully in keeping with the tradition of the brand, the name of the qronoCase 01:HR originates from hour, which is a measurement of time. The brand “qrono” is derived from the word chrono with emphasis on timeless design and quality. The passion for qrono has always been to provide people with functional, beautiful design with premium materials, meticulous assembly, and finishing detail. Our products, and the design values they embody, blend premium quality materials and innovation, and kindle passion and charm.   The Design   The qronoCase 01:HR brings the knowledge from the automobile industry to fortify and strengthen its screw-less contraction – sleek, compact, emotional, yet structurally engineered for high strength and ultra-lightweight. The qronoCase is, thus, unmistakably a qronoDesign.   The qronoCase 01:HR is further proof of qrono products's competence in lightweight design. All exterior parts are made from premium grade aluminum with a net weight of just 45 grams (1.59 ounces). The qronoCase is designed specifically for iPhone 5/5s, and allows easy access to all controls and ports.   The case can adorn an iPhone in three ways, the timeless style by attaching to your iPhone directly as how it arrived in the box, the motorsports style by removing the strap, and the convertible style, by removing its back cover.   The qronoCase 01:HR comes in three metallic accents, Timeless Silver, Executive Black, and Prominent Red, with individual parts gleaming in the visible aluminum texture that similar to many Apple products and accentuates the lifestyle of modern luxury. Each case is unique by itself and can be personalized by mixing and matching multiple parts.   The qronoCase 01:HR is available from selected retailers and online at www.qronoDesign.com.

  • Latest Reviews & Raves│Nov 13

    Nov. 8, 2013 -  qronoCase was initially known as "Chrono Case" during it's concept stage, and here is what people had to say: Apple iPhone Blog - "the Ferrari of iPhone cases" TigerStartups - "the ultimate end-all-be-all of iPhone cases" The Gadgeteer - Amers: "I think THIS will be the only case I'll need – it's adult, it's good looking, it's functional." GadgetSin.com - "Chrono aluminum iPhone case can meet your requirements.”

  • Introducing the qronoCase - The world's first modular armor upgrade for iPhone 5/5s│Nov 13

    Today, qrono Inc. opened its official page on Facebook! For a sneak peek of our latest product, the qronoCase 01:HR. Please visit the URL below and "like" us on Facebook to get the latest news and update directly from us.   https://www.facebook.com/qronoDesign