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Welcome to the qrono-design.com (herein referred to as "Mall").All users registering for account service(herein referred to as "Account") should read the terms carefully. By completing the registration procedure and using qrono service, you agree to these terms which create a binding legal agreement between the user and the account service-provider in order to protect interests of both parties

  • Create a qrono Account:

    1. To make the Account usable in the future, please provide complete and correct personal information in registration form and feel free to update when changed. The Mall may send a “Registration Letter” to confirm the basic information and e-mail account information after your account has been created

    2. By registering an Account, you agree to the terms applied to account and agree that the Mall may contact with you via address, e-mail submitted

  • Account Service:

    1. We may activate your account for shopping, newsletter ordering and any new service added from time to time.

    2. The effective period of Account service means: The Mall activates the Account by completing the related system settings after user filling the application and completing the registration.

    3. All the domain names, IP address, functions and everything else derived from the Account service are still owned by the Mall and other obliges. The Account may only be used according to the terms but not to rent, lease, lend, sell or sublicense the Account.

    4. The Mall provides the serviceon “as is” and “as available” basis and reserves the right to add, modify or terminate the related systems or functions of the Account service partly or wholly.

  • Account, Password and Security:

    1. The Mall doesn’t identify the member by ID Number but by e-mail with reasonable legal effect. The Mall may retain all of your ordering record.

    2. You may enter your own e-mail account and password in registration and be responsible for all activities under your account.

    3. You agree to the obligation for keeping the confidentiality of the password and account. And immediately notify the Mall to take response measures with any unauthorized or suspected activities under your account. The response measures mentioned above should not be interpreted as the Mall being responsible for the liability or obligation for any kind of compensation or reimbursement either expressly or impliedly.

  • Rights and Interests of Account and Privacy:

    1. The Account is responsible for legal liability with providing false personal information, impersonating other person's account and other illegal activities involved. Besides, have the complete liability for the damages to the Mall and relevant persons and should be liable to compensate the company for any loss or damage resulting there-from. The Mall may terminate the Account qualification and any other service immediately.

    2. When the terms related to the rights and interests of the Account are modified, the Mall would announce the amendment on the website publicly at any time without prior notice to the Account. The Account agrees to the terms by continuing using the service of the Mall.

    3. All the transactions in the Mall are subject to Consumer Protection Law such as privacy protection, transaction security, consumer relations and consumer disputes processing. The Mall may be at your service based on customer demand.

    4. The Mall may provide return/exchange of products with problems or defects without additional cost from the consumers.

    5. You may cancel your order with a message on the website or e-mail before receiving your order payment.

    6. The Mall reserves the rights to coordinate with the Account about the detail (such as the content of the order, time of delivery, etc.) to avoid errors caused by system transfer operations because of the complexity of consumer issues in electronic transactions.

    7. All information of the Account is in the protection in the transmission process and the system may maintain the Account database to ensure the security of information.

    8. To protect your rights, the Mall makes full commitment to secure our database and to prevent unauthorized access or illegal use of private information of our users.

    9. The company obtains your personal information for the purpose of our privacy policy to collect, process, and use subject to the Personal Protection Act and related laws.

    10. You may provide your personal information such as: name, date of birth, ways to contact (including but not limit to phone number, e-mail and address) and any other information to identify yourself directly or indirectly.

    11. You agree that the company may confirm your identity, contact with you and offer you the information and service by the company, affiliates and partners, also for other privacy policy norms with the information you provided.

    12. You may request the company: (1) to inquire or read (2)to copy (3)to add or correct (4)to stop collecting, processing and using (5)to delete your personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Act. But the company may reject your request due to the necessities of executing duties or business.

    13. The company may stop providing service to you temporarily if the personal information you provided is reported or found by the company that is insufficient to confirm your identity, impersonating, embezzling other's personal information, or false information.

    14. You fully understand that the consent allows the company to collect, process and use your personal information complied with the requirements of the Personal Protection Act and related laws such as in written form.

    15. About the consumer disputes in the Mall, the appeal channel is subject to the Consumer Protect Law.

  • Consumer and Legal Disputes:

    1. The Mall should solve the consumer disputes for the Account without delay and rejection.

    2. The Mall should guarantee the interests and rights of consumer according to Civil Code, Consumer Protection Law, Fair Trade Act and other related laws. The Mall should be responsible for solving the derivative issues, the liability and the loss with violation of them.

  • Suspension or Interruption of Service:

    1. The Mall may suspend or interrupt the service partly or wholly but not be responsible for any damage to users directly or indirectly in the following circumstances:
    1) To move, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair to the related software and hardware;
    2) Users having any violation of government laws and regulations or the terms;
    3) Suspension or interruption of service due to natural disaster or other force majeure;
    4) Suspension or interruption of service due to other event not attributable to the Mall.

    2. The Mall may notify the Account by e-mail, announcement or other proper means before the suspension or interruption of service due to the “routine” maintenance, replacement or changes of the account service system or function.

  • Termination:

    1. The Mall may stop the account service partly or wholly because of the operation but users may not request for any compensation resulted.

    2. The Mall reserves the right to stop providing service temporarily or terminate the service at any time with violation of the terms but you may not request for any compensation resulted there-form.

  • Modifications to Terms:

    The Mall reserves the right to modify the terms at any time and may announce the modified one on the website without notifying the users individually.

  • Applicable Law:

    1. The terms are interpreted, supplied and applied to all laws of Republic of China.

    2. Any dispute of any sort that might arise from the terms submitted to Taiwan Taipei District Court.

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  • Account, Password and Security
  • Rights and Interests of Account and Privacy
  • Consumer and Legal Disputes
  • Suspension or Interruption of Service
  • Termination
  • Modifications to Terms
  • Applicable Law

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