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qrono Privacy Policy takes member's privacy seriously and is subject to the Personal Information Protection Act. That's why we enforce strict privacy policy and you may refer to the following content.

  • Security of Personal Information:

    To protect member's privacy is an important part of qrono's business philosophy. We shall not provide any personal information of members to the third parties unrelated to the Mall's service without the members’ consent.

  • Use of Personal Information:

    We only use the personal Information collected form qrono and related websites to the purposes and scope according to the terms. And we shall not provide any personal information of members to the third parties or use for other purposes unless state beforehand or according to the related laws. Followings are the purposes of use:

    1. The page may show each member's information automatically when member uses the service provided by qrono.

    2. To Carry out Transactions
    The business about delivery of goods, providing of service, payment, replying to the inquiries of customers, inquiries to members by qrono, after-sale service and other necessary business to carry out transactions relate to the reservations, purchasing or sweepstakes of goods, service or other business.

    3. Advertising and Marketing
    Provide variety of newsletter and other information related to the service through e-mail, mail and telephone to members. Personalizing, analyzing the service usage of member, developing the new service and improving the existing service depend on personal attributes, purchasing history and browsing history of qrono by browsing content and ads of members.

    4. Reply to Customer Inquiries
    Reply to the inquiries submitted by members through e-mail, mail, fax, telephone or other contacting methods directly or indirectly.

    5. Other Incidentals of Business:Other incidentals accompany with the using objects mentioned above for qrono to provide services.

    6. Provide Information to Service Provider Respectively
    qrono may provide personal information of members to the service providers in the necessary scope of the transactions depend on the reservations, purchasing and sweepstakes of goods, service and other business. And the service providers are responsible to manage the personal information. qrono may be responsible for the service providers to deal with the personal information according to the Privacy Policy, but may not promise the service providers may obey them or not.

    7. Others
    The personal information may also be used to provide individual service besides the objects mentioned above. The gist may be displayed on the pages of the individual service.

  • Information Security

    The information of qrono members may be protected by password to safeguard the privacy and security of members. qrono may also protect the security of personal information by reasonable technology and procedures.

  • To Inquiry or Correct Personal Information:

    You may contact with the customer service center and request to inquire, read, copy, add or correct, stop collecting, processing and using, delete your personal information. And qrono may deal with them as soon as possible.

  • Cookie:

    In order to facilitate the members for using the service, qrono may use cookies to provide service for members. Cookie is the technology which may identify users by storing random strings in the member's computer for the web server to communicate with the browser of member, but member may not sign in the website or use the shopping cart by turning off the cookie.

  • Privacy Protection Policy Amendment:

    Due to changing need in the market, our company will update privacy protection policy regularly. If members have questions regarding privacy right declaration or issues pertaining to personal information, they are welcomed to use customer service center on the website to contact us.

  • qrono Inc. Computer Processing Personal Information and Security Maintaining Plan

    一、 To ensure the Mall to retain the personal information securely, a specific staff is assigned to execute the following personal information security maintaining plan according to laws.

    二、 Personal Information Security Maintaining Plan:

  • Information Security

    1. Personal information built in the database should be determined the “User Code” and “Identification Password” to the use of range and permission and the “Identification Password” should be confidential without sharing with others.

    2. Personal information stored on the hard disks of PC should be set the power-on password, the screen saver password and other relevant security measures by the information keep unit.

    3. Not to use the personal information without permission.

    4. To exit after using the personal information without displayed on the screen.

    5. To keep the “Identification Password” confidential, change the password every period of time from preventing stolen by others.

    6. To safeguard the rights and interests of customers, only reply the relevant information after certifying when customers inquiry personal information by phones.

    7. Take necessary preventive and protective measures to detect and prevent the viruses and other malicious software for ensuring the normal operation of the system before collecting, processing, internationally transmitting and using the personal information by internet.

    8. Evaluate the possible security risk and draft the appropriate security controlling plans before dealing with the transactions by internet.

  • Information Checking

    1. Check if the input, output, editing and correction of personal information are consistent with the original file during processing the personal information by computer.
    2. Check if the personal information is consistent with the original file during using the personal information and access the original file to check if there is any doubt.
    3. Build the regular checking system and keep the checking data.

  • Equipment Management

    1. Information keeping unit should regularly maintain the relevant personal information based computer equipment.
    2. Not to move the computer equipment without necessity.
    3. Personal information based computer should not be used as a front-end tool for public to inquire.
    4. Build the “Disaster Recovery”.
    5. Ensure to delete the personal information stored in the discarded or resale relevant computer equipment.

  • Other Security Precautions

    1. The staff using computer to process the personal information with a position rotation should make a list of the storage media and relevant data in the custody to transfer them to the successor who should set a new password to manage.
    2. The password accessed by the labor turnover should be canceled and adjusted after the labor leaving the job.
    3. Obey the relevant regulations of general computer security maintaining.

    (This version effective date: June 15, 2013)

  • Security of Personal Information
  • Use of Personal Information
  • Information Security
  • To Inquiry or Correct Personal Information
  • Cookie
  • Privacy Protection Policy Amendment
  • qrono Inc. Computer Processing Personal Information and Security Maintaining Plan
  • Information Security
  • Information Checking
  • Equipment Management
  • Other Security Precautions

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